I love it lloyd puts up a link to a article by Robert Reich, he teaches at Berkeley. Here is an example of how smart students at Berkeley are:


First it was not the government CIVIL JOBS that got us out of the depression, IT WAS THE WAR. Second the government has always failed when it has tried to create jobs in its own sector the reason is it always cost way more then to do it the easy way. Small business is reasponsible for 70% of the jobs in America, yet almost no stimulas money has gone to small business. As a matter of fact ACORN could have gotten more stimulas money from the stimulas then all the small businesses. So the next time you ask yourself why is it that there still are no jobs after almost 9 months after passing the stimulas it is because almost no money has gone to the places responsible for creating 70% of the jobs in America, SMALL BUSINESS.