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Here Bill -

Since you were hypnotizing yourself... here's a structure I solved of a protein involved in breast cancer - this is cross-eyed stereo... so cross your eyes and it'll be 3D. I"ll work on making it spin, that way, if you stare at it long enough, maybe you'll see some boobs.

Dave, Bill, Rams, LT and everyone else including our Julie,

You folks make my day!

On the weekends I tend to try really hard not to work or even think about it. I play in my gardens, walk on the beach, hang with my wife and so on, but I avoid thinking of my business or investing.

And then, I check on this forum on Sunday night and get myself psyched up for the coming week.

The point is, THANKS to all of you. I gain a lot of information from reading your ramblings. Dave, the hypnotic boobs are great by the way. I want that Cinammin Roll recipe Bill.

Two weeks ago there was this great postathon about youtube music videos from the seventies. That was great!

So, thanks again for a wonderful weekend. I am very fond of all of you.