Ho yes thats right GRAYSON is a democrat that must have forgot that Oregon is a very leftest state controled almost totally by democrats and ho yes have a state health insurance plan of the type that the US House bill wanted to basically dublicate. I will remind you all of Barbra who was told by that kind of system: That we will not pay for your medication that will prolong your life but we will however pay for the doctor and pills to kill yourself.

"In 1984, Richard Lamm, Democrat governor of Colorado: "Old people have a duty to die and get out of the way." Back then he was laughed off the public stage. "How could you say something so uncaring? Die and get out of the way?" Twenty-five years later Newsweek magazine has a cover story: "The Case for Pulling the Plug on Granny." It's the American left that wants you to die. They want you to die in the womb, and they want you to die when you're no longer productive toward the end of your life."

Need I remind you about Obama and what he said in a town hall to one lady: That maybe it would be better off if your mother just took the pills.