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Thread: Say what you want about Bect he gets results.

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    Say what you want about Bect he gets results.

    Glen Becks accomplishments in the last 100 days:

    1.) The only one responsible for getting Van Jones (one of Obamas czars) to resigned (or was fired).

    2.) One of the main reasons for getting the House version of the health care bill killed and totally having any public (GOVERNMENT) option totally taken out of any health care bill.

    3.) Main organizer of the 9-12 project that got about a million people to protest in Washington about big government.

    4.) One of the only a few main people that exposed ACORN. Which is now being defunded or investigated, by the several government departments (IRS, House, Senate, Census bureau, Teasury Department).

    5.) One of a very few that exposed the Obama administration was using tax dollars to the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) to promote his agenda. Then had to stop the ILLEGAL practice

    6.) One of the very few that got Buffy Wicks to step down from her position as one of Obamas czars because of the call with the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) inwhich she was talking about using tax dollars to support Obamas agenda.

    7.) I will make a prediction that Valerie Jarrett (Obamas senior advisor) is getting very worried right now.

    What Beck has exposed so far about her is almost unbelievable. Watch the portion of the show and ask yourselfs is if this is the type of person you think should be advising any president.

    Like I said, say what you will lloyd, results speak for themselves. As for Sen. Lindsey Graham he had also said that the conservative part of the republicans is dead and that we need to move to the center. THAT IS WHY THEY LOST THE CONGRESS. That is why they are moving more to the right and will get back to their princibles and take back control of the congress in 2010 and in 2014. Dont believe me watch what happens in 2010. Watch what kind of platform republicans run on you will see it will be a conservative one and lets hope this time they have learned their lesson.
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    Beck skewers: ACORN, Van Jones, ect., ect., the list gos on

    just look at the results above.

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