Interesting article.
Draw John's attention to a couple of sentences.

1. "we are very supportive of climate change legislation" said commerce chamber spokesman Eric Wohlschlegel.

2. "It would be very difficult to challenge based on the SCIENCE." said Kyle Danish, partner and coordinator of the climate change and emission trading practice at law firm Van Ness Feldman. EVEN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION HAD BUIILT A CASE SHOWING GREENHOUSE GASES WERE A PROBLEM"
That last comments got to hurt John. "even the Bush administration....."

3. "if you're a corporation that wants to engage in prudent planning, then you are focused on this (issue) like a laser beam to come up with a solution" said Vickie Patton, deputy general counsel with the Environmental Defense Fund. THE COMPANIES WITH A 19TH CENTURY MINDSET WILL BE LEFT BEHIND."
Sound familiar John. Remember when i called you a member in good standing of the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY?