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Thread: More facts about Volcanos and Co2

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    More facts about Volcanos and Co2

    We recently looked at IAN PLIMER's ridiculous claim about CO2 and volcanoes in an opinion he wrote for the Australian media. The impication that volcanoes contribute as much or more CO2 to the atmosphere as human activity is ONE OF THE MOST DISHONEST BITS OF MISDIRECTION IN THE DENIALIST'S (JOHN) ARSENAL--so of course Its ONE OF THE MOST REPEATED CLAIMS.

    But the subject came up of the impact of recent large volcanic explosions, specifically Mt. Pinatubo, on atmospheric CO2. First some basics: present atmoshpheric CO2 level is about 390 ppm (parts per million) and human activity is responsible for over 100 ppm of that. It turns out that 1ppm CO2 is about 10 Gt (billion tonnes) of CO2. So even if EVERY BIT OF MATERIAL EJECTED BY THE EXPLOSION HAD BEEN CO2 WHICH IS NOT THE CASE, NOT EVEN CLOSE,CO2 was only a minor player in the volcano's exhaust) it would have contributed only 1.3 ppm CO2 to the atmoshphere, NOT THE 100PPM which Ian plimer painted as a routine occurence. THE CO2 OUTPUT FROM THE MT. PINATUBO EXPLOSION DOESNT EVEN MAKE A 'BLIP' IN THE CO2 CONCENTRATION......


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    John now we were talking about Volcanoes so i posted something about them. I was wondering when you were going to refute the Science?

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    More facts about Volcanoes and global warming GASES

    "the argument that human-caused carbon emissions are merely a drop in the bucket compared to greenhouse gases generated by volcanoes HAS BEEN MAKING ITS WAY AROUND THE RUMOR MILL (JOHN) FOR YEARS. And while it may sound plausible, THE SCIENCE JUST DOESNT BACK IT UP."

    keep reading the facts and ignore the insults.

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