Republicans have been nearly twice as likely as Democrats to pass legislation in the US Senate with fewer than 60 votes according to a review of all Senate roll call votes since 1989 in which a bill was passed or a conference report was agree to.
Under Republican control, the Senate has passed an average of 5.24 pieces of legislation each year with less than 60 votes. Under Democratic control, the Senate passed just 2.95 pieces of legislation with less than 60 votes. Overall, 13.1% of legisltation under Republicans was passed with fewer than 60 votes compared to just 7.4% under Democrats.
In the nearly 21 years since the 1st Session of the 101st Congress in January 1989, Democrats and Republicans have evely split control of the Senate, with about 10.5 years apiece. Although Republicans were more ikely to pass legislation without 60 votes, both parties passed an equal amount of legislation-- 418 bills for Democrats, 421 for Republicans.
Of the Democrats' 418 bills, just 31 -- 7.4% were passed with fewer than 60 votes. Meanwhile, of the Republicans 421 bills, 55-- 13.1% -- were passed with fewer than 60 votes.
These numbers put the lie to the claim that the Senate never passes legislation with fewer thatn 60 votes. In fact, they do regularly pass legislation with fewer than 60 votes, and Republicans have done so nearly twice as often as Democratds.