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Thread: So just how wrong was Al Gore on man made global Warming.

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    So just how wrong was Al Gore on man made global Warming.

    Hey lloyd, WHAT your scientist are also not what they seem to be are they.

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    "No; Carter is one of hundreds of highly qualified non-governmental, non-industry, non-lobby group climate experts who contest the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are causing significant global climate change. "Climate experts" is the operative term here. Why? Because what Gore's "majority of scientists" think is immaterial when only a very small fraction of them actually work in the climate field.

    Even among that fraction, many focus their studies on the impacts of climate change; biologists, for example, who study everything from insects to polar bears to poison ivy. "While many are highly skilled researchers, they generally do not have special knowledge about the causes of global climate change," explains former University of Winnipeg climatology professor Dr. Tim Ball. "They usually can tell us only about the effects of changes in the local environment where they conduct their studies."

    This is highly valuable knowledge, but doesn't make them climate change cause experts, only climate impact experts."

    lloyd likes to say that scientist that say man made global warming is a myth are not really "Climate experts" but that they are in other fields. Yet he forgets to mention his side has the same problem. I left the last part in because it also explains what I was saying to lloyd in the first place. Like why economist are included. As an example Obama first said the "Cap and Trade" bill will only cost 126 dolllars a year. Yet after economist crunched the numbers we found out Obama lied (because he had the report before he said 126 a year) and that the amount is really 1,760 dollars a year. I think that makes a big difference in what people want to do on a issue that has yet to be proven, and on an issue that the "man made global warming" experts have not gotten correct yet. One only needs to look at their predictions how they have had to keep changing them everytime TIME has proven them to be wrong.

    I ask you, is there a difference between you paying 126 dollars and 1,760 dollars a year. Is your job worth junk science. Now I say that because an extra tax of 1,760 to you a year will cost alot of jobs and yours may be one of those.

    What is unbelievable is that most of the democrats (because not one republican voted for it) past the "Cap and Trade" bill in the house in this economy of 9.7 unemployment. What is more unbelievable is that people trust these twits more on the economy then republicans.

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