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Thread: Market Watch for 9/28/2009 (Week of)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Dave View Post
    Ahh... here's one for you ramsey... Hank Williams III's bass player singing a nice hillbilly song.

    In the meantime... this link is from one of the penny stock masters I dug up. Some sound advice on both fundamentals and technicals...
    Dr. Dave...Dang it I got Rick roll'd twice...I clicked on your link of technicals only to see Rick promising to never give me up, then 3 hours later I remember I read you had a link to some technical analysis video and I didn't watch it earlier so I went back and clicked on it again. At least it wasn't the pop-up window of that video that you have to x out of 93 times for it to close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Tiburones View Post

    Typed out a reply and then closed the tab inadvertently ...

    Readers Digest version ...

    Ramsey, all good man. Was babbling on about how I should have put a disclaimer behind that word "Republican" ... Conservative certainly, the parties ... Ugh

    Bill, the Bronc's ...
    They just cut over to the game after the bloodletting my boy's put on the Rams.

    Ribs tonight. Got stopped out last weekend and had to cook up the chicken that was about to expire. Going with an alteration of sorts on Greg's mention ...
    Ha Ha! The Broncos won over Dallas! We are now 4-0. Way, way beyond my expectations...the saga continues!

    I am watching one of my favorite movies. It is "Sling Blade" with Billy Bob Thornton. "Ya, I'll have me one of those large fried taters..uh huh.".

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