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Thread: Market Watch for 9/28/2009 (Week of)

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    Morning gang,

    Woke up with a new attitude ... Seize the day!

    Think we tackled this somewhere along the line, but that word 'hope' while not being the best of investing guidance still is a driver ... Whoa, way too early for deep philosophical musings, still on the first cup of java ...

    Bill, congrats! Those guy's aren't near as lousy as you thought lol!

    All those nice things I said about Farverererer? I take 'em all back ... Damn him! Oh, that was a punch to the gut, we had them darn it! Coming back down to earth ... 3rd down conversions .... zip, nada, ZERO. Defense played well ... great battle and ... Damn him!

    Andy, you said the magic words to my ears ... "King Crab" - Not any by any chance, but "Alaskan" ... I have been forever spoiled, can't even dislodge the ironic correlation that Dungeonous (SP) has with my taste buds - Right out of the dungeon in comparison ...

    "As the Sponge Is Squeezed" - The new day time drama, read all the juicy bit's at the shrub over the weekend, they were literally coming in by the hundreds! For those who follow SIRI, the sponge has it's own villain\crusader\Saviour equivalent to SiriusXM's Michael Hartlieb in some guy by the name of David Paitch (SP) ... He has some site called investigate the SEC (scrunch the letters together) and reading his email trail to the SEC pretty much sums up his credibility ... somewhere between schizophrenic and paranoid it seems, even if he might have a piece or two of possibilities. Quite the drama but the expectation this morning is that the girlfriend is cheating and will get dumped by her lover ... if you follow the analogy.

    QASP has the rumor that today is the start of the buyback ...

    EVFL - Did a lot of reading over the weekend ... I may yet hold tight rather than try the flip - $600 bucks = 6 Million shares ... watch, wait, patience, blah, blah, blah, guarantee I will change my mind anywhere from 10 to 50 times over the course of the week.

    MGLG - Like the Phoenix ... Hey I can dream! lol

    BEHL - Rumors ... This ought to take off since I have so few shares ....

    Oh and SIRI - Nice piece of ____ the Street put out this morning, may their own stock be up-listed to the Pinks this week, chumps.
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