Thats right folks it is amazing because somehow Havakasha (AKA; Lloyd, yes I know, LOL. He changed his name to have some agree with him.) missed this one. Hey Lloyd wasn't this the same guy that Gore was using in his global warming movie. Wasn't this guy one of the leading sceintist for the UN and its global warming theory.

Well well looky here, Mojib Latif now says that there will be one or even two more decades of cooling. That does not include the fact that the last decade has been cooling and not warming as the UN said it would.

Hey Lloyd do you now see why you cant be believed you still believe in your global warming theories. Hey what happen to all the predictions of Gore and the UN that we had 10 years to do something or the oceans will rise and flood out much of the coast of the Unite States. What happen to the UNs warning ten years ago that we only have ten years left to do something. Ho thats right we had global cooling not global warming.

P.S. Chaulk another one up to common sense logic and FACTS.