Hi everyone! I'm new here, so sorry for lame questions...

Here's what's going on.
I have an 04 Wrangler that I got used 2 years ago. Sirius was working when I bought it, so I did nothing (and paid nothing). Stock radio with Sirius built in (use "mode" button)

Few weeks ago, the sirius stops making any noise, and switches to channel 184 or 185 (cant remember exactly). It wont channel up or down, and when I get it to using the presets, it goes right back to 184.

So I call Sirius last night to reactivate the account. I'm more than happy to pay for the service, I love it. We get it all turned on, Sirius is able to send signal and all that, but still wont work. The radio is stuck at 184 with the same stuff- no noise, no ability to channel up or down, and presets go right back to 184.

Sirius says take it to the dealership. Something about a pre-paid subscription at time of original vehicle purchase, and they'll need to work around something.

Any ideas? Is the dealership going to take me for a pretty penny? Sigh.