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Thread: Real Men tax Gas

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    Real men dont give billions in subsidies and tax breaks to the oil and gas industries.

    Who is that a quote from? A Republican or Democrat?

    Yes of course it was a Republican. None other than Vice President Cheney.
    What Hypocrites the Republicans are. When they were in office they had no
    problems with the record deficits they were growing. Now that Obama is in
    office its an entirely different matter.
    I imagine that John and Just Sirius were furiously typing away here about
    how our grandchildren were having their future taken away from them by those nasty Republicans. lol.
    I happen to agree that Deficits are "important" but during times like these when the economic structure of this country is undergoing serious shifts and new programs are needed in health care and energy, and education we must look at the larger picture. At least for the short term.

    Come on big talking right wingers. Show some courage. Own up to your Party's hypocrisy.

    Tick tock.

    I love the silence. Cant even respond to a thought provoking article?
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    How did my comments from a quote about deficits get transposed into one box in a thread by Thomas friedman about energy and afghanistan? Very strange goings on indeed.

    Actually that column by Thomas Friedman is quite briliant in my opinion. Its not only worth reading but definitely worth commenting on.

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