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"We spoke to the company this weekend and they tells us that members should expect two PRs this week."

For some reason all I can think of is Vinny in "My Cousin Vinny" getting grilled by the judge about the "Two yuots" ... (youth's)
One of my favorite movies!!! Lets see what the week brings with Behl, it could bring me back to green

I've been catching up on this weekends posts and I see alot of music and food conversation, so I went to itunes and fixed myself something to eat. Oh the power of suggestion

Bill, congrats to the Broncos, a surprising 3-0 and the skins ought to shoot themselves for losing to the lions. I love it because I hate the skins!!!

I've decided that if I can get back to green with behl, bcle and qasp I will probably open that margin account so I can do more swing trading. I could do it now but I don't want to get caught trying to use swing trading to recoup loses, getting caught on the wrong end of that could be pricey