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Good morning, Fellas...And Julie, Too...too

now that I've said "hi" in a happy tone...I'll dispense with the rant

Arrrghhh...I really get irritated with rules, regs, and policies that (I feel) are somewhat antiquated --- at least, when considering the current level of instantaneous transactional technologies.

What? I transferred $X.xx on the early morning of the 18th. TDA still doesn't have the $ cleared for trading on "non-marginable" securities.

Perhaps my irritation is with myself -- I should have known not to do it *that* way...I should have just wired the damn money.

aye yai yai

Well, I guess that means that I can do my *other* work today...

Have a great day, folks...


PS: My wife will be saying that it's The Universe *helping* me with the stock market
Hey Ramsey,

I have ran across that Rule T so many times and it is a real pain in the ass. I agree with the antiquated ruling on that, especially like with Scottrade. With Scottrade you can use the money immediately for stocks OVER a dollar, but under a dollar you are penalized for a few days. I don't know what sense that makes, but that is how it is.