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Thread: Government can be good. Just a reminder.

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    Most right wingers are too intellectually dishonest to acknowledge how much they need and rely on Government (federal, state, and local) for their basic needs. If only we could have an honest discussions which says Government and private business (banks etc) have their good and bad effeciencies. Now lets try and make them the best they can be. The end. Wouldnt that be refreshing for a change?

    Golden silence because it doesnt fit with their rigid ideology.
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    So let me get this straight you put up something from the "dailykos" and then say you want an honest disguession and talk about "rigid ideology". Do you know who or what the "dailykos" is. Obviously not so I will explain, It is one of the most leftest lib websites out. You people are such hypocrits it is not funny.

    You talk about outrage at what is being said about Obama then you put up the "dailykos". Have you read anything on that web site. You are not outraged, when they talked about ways that Bush could be killed. Once again Hypocrit.
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    Did you notice once again Mr. John cant handle the thread. Surprise surprise.

    Its ok you can read it. i promise you want automatically become a Communist.

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    Did you notice when the right wing and in this case John cant refute the facts as they are written that they throw up smokescreens?

    "Dailykos" NEVER " talked about ways that Bush could be killed". Do you even know what Dailykos is and how it is organized? Hint its not like Fox news. It is an open community just like Siriusbuzz with many diverse opinions posting.

    If you are not the coward i know you to be read this thread and understand that Govt works to your benefit in many areas of your life. Enough of the intelllectually weak positiion that everything govt is bad.

    That goes for you to Just Sirius. Grow some cajones.

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    I just returned from a National Infrastructure Forum in Washington D.C. If you had attended you would have witnessed gov't and business people coming together to try to work at solving our countries serious problems. Its never been and never will be one or the other. That's is just easy propaganda from the right wing. We are all in this together. No one who loves this country should be sitting on the sidelines during this perilous economic time.

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