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Thread: What? Bill O'reilly Backs a Public Option?

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    If you noticed my comment about lies and maturity was directed at John and not you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    The sign of maturity is being to admit a mistake.
    The sign of immaturity is being unable to admit a mistake.
    Show me where you have ever admitted a mistake in a political thread.

    Unlike you Lloyd I do. The only problem is it is so rare that you must have missed it when I predicted that I dont think Jon Steward would not play anything on ACORN.

    As said many times (to many for most with an IQ over 100)

    I have answered every arguement I have been interested in.

    I have always ether agreed with or disagreed with every post that concerned a question to me in a post I was involved in.

    That is why I dont get into traps that make me look stupid like you get into Lloyd. That is why I dont have to say I am sorry very often because I dont just get into arguements I know nothing about and have not done the research that was needed. Lloyd, as said before many times and on this thread you do something I dont, you blindlessly put up links to sites without looking into weather they are true or not. That is why you get nailed and I dont.

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