In need of some professional input. After several hours of phone calls to Sirius, Chrysler and dealer, no one can help me. Purchased new, custom built Chrysler Town and Country 2009. Salesperson demonstrated Backseat TV while we were on site. Since then, TV soft button has disappeared off radio. When retrieving ESN numbers for Sirius, the radio only displays audio and traffic/date numbers, but none for video. Sirius can't/won't assist without the ESN number for video. Chrysler claims they don't know what the problem is. Wondering if there is some way to retrieve this number or if I need to demand a new radio with the purchased features. If the salesperson had not demonstrated the feature while we were there, I would assume that the function is not included. Since it was on when we were there, I am wondering how and why the TV soft key disappeared. Does vehicle have to remain in US for function to work properly? We travel to Canada frequently and wonder if the function doesn't work in Canada?

Anyone with similar experience?