Now why would it take the Freedom of Information Act to get this in what was what Obama said would be the most open and transparent administration.

I'll tell you why because Obama ether lies or was only talking about transparentcy on the things that made him look good. There is no other excuse for not being transparent on any information this daming to Cap and Trade.

Well folks after reading that does it sound like Obama was just flem flaming you on, no person making under 250,000 dollars will see one dollar of tax increases. Really is it just simantics or is a 880 to 1760 average cost to each household seem like real money to you (cost of Cap and Trade will be 100 to 200 billion to America). Listen folks this was a study Obama asked for and got so where was the transparency.

I said it before and I'll say it again if you did not know what you were getting or you still dont know what you were getting, "you people better wake up".