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Thread: big oil sees profits--- and challenges in deep water.

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    big oil sees profits--- and challenges in deep water.

    Just sirius i though it was informative when he said "That's (deep sea) largely what's left in terms of finding larger oil deposits."

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    Great Article!

    So what are we waiting for...Oh ya...can't drill offshore! Also, cannot go get shale oil in the midwest! Maynot be able to wean completely off foreign oil but would help to stabilize oil prices worldwide!

    "The discovery was made using seismic technology, 3-D modeling and other technology developed both inside BP and from other sources like offshore drilling company Transocean [RIG 84.59 -1.86 (-2.15%)], according to BP spokesperson Robert Wine."

    If this statement is true...proves that during the campaign...the conservatives/republicans and the oil companies were telling the truth that there is much more oil still available off of our continental shelf!

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    You see Charles not everyone is bored by my links. lol.

    Just Sirius I understand your proposal and always have. I believe (as does James Woolsey the former head of the CIA under George Bush sr.) that we should move as fast as possible away from an oil based economy and I think you know the reasons why by now.
    I think we just disagree fundamentally about energy policy in this country. I only wish, as I stated before that we were able to test out our competing plans side by side to see whose makes the most sense in the long run. Obviously that is impossible.

    What did you think of the James Woolsey interview that i posted previously?

    Here it is in case you didnt read it and care to comment now.

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