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Thread: John Stewart Returns........

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    John Stewart Returns........

    Thank god. No one has a more insightful way of getting to the truth. Really friggin funny shit.

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    You just cant believe some of the material this guy provides. This shit gets crazier and crazier.

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    I bet you someone like John thinks the 1.7 million figure is true.
    He seems to idolize mr. Beck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    I bet you someone like John thinks the 1.7 million figure is true.
    He seems to idolize mr. Beck.

    First of all Beck was on "On The Record With Greta" and he said it was the university of Illinois. Anyway I look at pictures of both protest this one and the antiwar ones and see what they say about their numbers then I would just double it because from the pictures when compared the 9-12 march the anti war protest was about half the size of the 9-12 march.

    I dont just drink the cool aid like you do, I take information and examin it.

    Who was it who exposed Van Jones (who had to resign). Ho thats right it was Beck.

    You see I dont get my opinions from a man that has said himself on the ORielly factor "That we are not a serious news organization we are on the comedy channel, South Park follows our show for god sake." That was by the way an answer to, why when you had Barney Frank on your show did you only give him soft ball questions. Why didn't you ask this or that.

    As a few examples I will ask why is it Steward never did a spoof on how;

    1) Obama lives in the White house while his brother still lives in a hut.

    2) Any show showing the recent ACORN videos.

    3) Van Jones comment he was slanderd with videos of Van Jones making the comments himself (point being he slandard himself).

    4) Do the opposite with the rest of the MSM calling the war protesters patriots and it being a real movement while showing those pictures of marches with half of the people as the 9-12 march. and the the MSM calling the 9-12 grandmas a unruley mop with no real following.

    5) Charley Gibson (head man at ABC national news) not knowing anything about the ACORN scandel with him questioning Palins knowledge.

    6) Show Pelosi, saying she is going to drain the swamp of congress then have Charlie Rangel (chairman on the commitee that writes tax laws) scandel and how he has forgot to pay all his taxes or forgot to disclose 1.5 million of his assets. Or just show this video:

    Then maybe Steward could say well Pelosi said she would drain the swamps but she never did say she would do anything about the snakes in the swamps. Now thats funny.

    7) have the video of Polsie where she says this; “They are the villains in this,” Pelosi said of private insurers. “They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening. And the public has to know that. They can disguise their arguments any way they want, but the fact is that they don’t want the competition.”…
    “It’s almost immoral what they are doing,” added Pelosi, who stood outside her office long after her press conference ended to continue speaking to reporters, even as aides tried in vain to usher her inside. “Of course they’ve been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure with pre-existing conditions, you know, the litany of it a"

    Then have this; "The Open Left blog reports exclusively that Pelosi will attend a fund-raiser next week hosted by villainous Steve Elmendorf, a registered lobbyist with almost immoral private health insurer, United Health. He’s throwing the party at his house on Sept. 24. Price of admission? $5,000 for PACs and $2,400 for individuals."

    Need I go on or do you get the point. Which is while Steward is funny, also know it is a comedy show with a far left leaning bias. If he where not he would have had way more material on the democrats then republicans. Those I showed are just a few right off the top of my head but there are many more.

    Havakasha, I love this, do you really want to mess with me do you really want to look as stupid as Lloyd. I barely touched the surface. I really have not gotten on Charlie Rangel but why a tax cheat is still the charman of the house commitee that writes tax laws is beyond me. Then I guess when Obamas puts a tax cheat as Treasury secretary, what kind of example does that set. I could go on to John Conors who was rebuked by the ethics commitee and was rewarded by being put as the head of the judiciary and lets not forget his wife who was just convicted on bribery charges. Really he knew nothing, when was it that you kept anything from your wife or husband when both have been cought doing it. I could go on and on and on.

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    i now understand why people ignore you John. You really got to get a life.
    Take a walk in the park, enjoy some nature, get some perspective please.
    You are about to have a heart attack with your obsessive way of dealing with this issues. John Stewart is a comedian and i would have thought he might have made you laugh or chuckle a little. It strikes me that Glen Beck is a comedian himself although i am not sure he totally knows that. Sorry to have stoked your fire.

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    Ho I am sorry me being a common sense and logical thinking person thought this was patronizing

    "I bet you someone like John thinks the 1.7 million figure is true.
    He seems to idolize mr. Beck."

    Now after I start to make you look like a fool, dont try and say you where not patronizing me with this:

    "I bet you someone like John thinks the 1.7 million figure is true.
    He seems to idolize mr. Beck."

    You should have learned why people like to say, I think I know everything, there is a reason they think that, (contrary to the sarcasm) it is not that I do, it is because I dont get into arguements I am not very very well versed in.

    You wont see me arguing literature, spelling, typing, how to rebuild an engine, mid to high level physics, and a multitude of other subjects.

    You also wont see me get into debates with people I believe I will lose to.

    There are many areas I dont get involved in, this area is not one of them.

    Now as for the time I have to do what I want. It was this country that gave that time to me and unlike Warren Buffet (who now says he wants to pay more taxes, AFTER he has made the BULK of his FORTUNE that WILL NOT be TAXED) I would like that same opportunity for everyone else that I had to retire early.

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