I am still waiting Lloyd for that answer to my question as to; How did the Bush tax cuts cause this recession.

I am also still waiting for the answers on

1) If volcanos put out more global warming gases in one eruption then humans have the last 20 years how can humans be a such a big part of the equation.

2) If the oceans put out 98% of the global warming gases and everything else and humans are responsible for the other 2% then how can humans be such a big part of the equation.

3) If your own UN studies say that cows put out more global warming gases then all the cars then how are humans so much of the equation.

I will help you out here by giving you a picture maybe you can rap your mind around. If we were to take the Super Dome and fill it up with people to represent all the global warming gases put out on the planet and then take a count of the people to represent what humans put out. Do you know how many people in that dome would be????? thats right, just 4.

Hummm, I put these questions up months ago and I have yet to get an answer to them.

Here is another, If the IPPE is correct on Global warming then why is it we have been in a cooling trend and tempitures have gone down in the last 10 years and not up as the IPPA has said they would?