In usual fashion, David Rehr continues to contradict himself and his organization to benefit the argument of the hour. In his letter dated June 13th, he responded to Michael Copps Op-Ed piece entitled The Price of Free Airwaves stating that broadcasters go to enormous lengths to fulfill their role as a lifeline during crisis. He mentions the Amber alert system. What he fails to mention is that his group fought for legislation that limits those Amber alerts to their system only. Why do you not get Amber alerts on satellite radio? Because the National Association of Broadcasters doesn’t want you to.
He continues by mentioning that their broadcasters are “first informers” during catastrophic events. However during Hurricane Katrina, most broadcasters were unwilling or unable rebuild their systems to transmit information regarding evacuations or rescue efforts. It was satellite that stepped in and allowed the Red Cross to use the airwaves to help save lives.
How about the great “payola” scandal that is still hitting front pages? FORCING people (especially minorities) to pay the radio stations to have their music played on the air.
Yes David Rehr. It is clear you care only about the communities that you serve. I applaud you. [/sarcasm]