Hey How many of you heard of "Van Jones"? Would you want a self proclaimed communist, racist, radical advising any president. You would think if a man like that was found out and had to resign because of it, it would be coverd by the media before and after, right. Well then why is it that FOX was the only ones covering it for months before and after but for the rest of the media it was barely a plip on the screen.

Hey remember ACORN you know the the organization that has been convicted on numberous voter fraud in numberous states. You know that same organization is slate to have access to 8.5 billion (OF OUR TAX DOLLARS) from the stimulas bill. Well how many other news outlets let you see this


Once again you dont have to read or even believe Glenn Beck just play the videos to the left they tell the whole story. Now after viewing them, if that doesn't make you sick that billions of our tax dollars are going to an organization like that then there is something wrong with you.

P.S. There are at least a dozen videos of Van Jones. Also You want to talk about racists Lloyd that is the kind of proof I am talking about Do you have a video of Joe Wilson saying things like Van jones says "white environmentalist and white poluters are putting poisons in black commuities. I have heard Obama say "A white mans greed runs a world in need" (from his book on tape/CD) you haven't though because you dont watch FOX. If you ask me what Van Jones and Obama said sounds more racist then what Joe Wilson said.