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Thread: subscription problem...

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    subscription problem...

    back in february, i bought a radio and boombox, and also a year's subscription. well today, the radio stopped working, and had a message that said "subcription updated, press any key to continue", which i did. after i pushed a button, it then said call (888-539-sirius) to subscribe

    im not sure why it happened, or what to do to fix it, but has this happened to anyone else before?

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    Place a call

    call customer service. It would appear that there is some sort of error.

    Before calling look at you credit card statements to be sure you were charged for 1 year of service and not 6 months.

    If you wee indeed charged for 1 year, simply explain the situation to them. They should be able to handle oiit for you with relative ease
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    yeah. to make things speedier, be sure you got all the necessary reference information ready (like what credit card you used to pay for the whole thing, what kind of unit it is, etc.)

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    Rumor has it that they are trying to deactivate older radios that are still working. If you have an active subscription your supposedly not supposed to have this problem. Keep us posted!

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