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Thread: Howard Vs. Leno

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    Howard Vs. Leno

    Is Howard starting to complain about Jay just a bit too much and is he wrong saying what a failure Leno's show will be? I think Leno's show will be a giant sucess. People like Leno. People like the ''safeness'' of his humor and him coming on at 10 is pure genius. It's perfect for people who enjoy his ''shtick'' and really don't want to wait until 11 30.

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    Is it too much for listeners? Maybe.... I find myself tuning out mentally sometimes. But is it hard to believe that he genuinely hates Jay that much? Not for me, he sounds pretty sincere.

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    Leno is ok. Funny sometimes. I feel bad for Conan O'Brien though. Leno will crush him ratings wise. Common sense just says after watching an hour of Leno, there's no real need to stay up. I LOVED Conan at 12 30 too.

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    I don't watch Leno, haven't listened to Howard since I lost my subscription, guess it's the same old stuff so I'm not missing much.

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