Unbelievable Only Obama (with the MSM help) could get away with blatantly lying for all this time about how many people are uninsured in the US. Did I catch that right or did he just go from 47 million to 30 million in one speach. Now does that mean there are 17 million illegals in the country? I and anyone that watchs FOX already knew he was lying though FOX has been saying it from the beginning about how many people are really uninsured. Now if we can get Obama to admit many of the 30 million that are left are ether in transition from job to job or earn enough (70,000 a year) to get insurance but dont want it.

Obama says that illegals and abortions would not be covered in his plan well I would like to know why when the republicans and some democrats tried to put directly in the bill, measures that would make sure of that, it was voted down and taken out. I would like to know how illegals wont be covered when it is illegal to check to see if people are illegal or not when they go to get health care.