I can now see why the company is in panic mode...

I have 4 Sirius radios my oldest one being 5yrs old. My wife's radio ran out of subscription yesterday so I call to renew it.

Guess what they have no record of me.... DUHH!!!

I give them the ID's from all my radios and they say none of them are active... Ok but I listen to them everyday..

Ok I don;t want to mess that up so lets focus on getting my wife's radio back on. They proceed to give me the lifetime membership sales talk which I ignore because who knows if these guys are going to be around in a year. I tell them Just give me the 1yr plan.

Ok that will be $139.00 plus $15 dollar activation fee..

I'm like WTF I'm not paying an activation fee for a radio I have had for 5 years. It's not my fault that they didn't renew my membership.

Anyway this is just a rant and I am sooooooo glad I never bought Sirius XM stock!!!

Sorry wife but she needs to go back to her IPod and forget about Sirius. All over a $15 activation fee.....

Knuckle heads!!!