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I agree that there is more going on than any of us will ever know, this is obvious. I also do not think there is any possible reason for a 5 year old web player to still be in use, this is inexcusable IMHO.

Your question was about better spam protection on the boards, well... the boards code has been updated and improved 4 times in the last 3 years. Each time the functionality has improved along with he spam fighting protection. The Sirius XM web player has been stagnant for 5 years.

Charles not to get to much into this again because it is just my own theory, but I feel it important to bring it up again to prove my point. Once again I will say I dont think SIRI/XMSR/SIRIXM and Mel ever wanted to get to deep into the web because of the cost in royalties being so much more then it being for the satellite delivery system. I believe the I phone app if anything is a way to the means and the means being to drive those app users to eventually go to satellite. Look I am not an expert here but if I look at this from a laymens viewpoint, even the new devises they are coming out with does just that by making a Iphone into a satellite radio. From a laymans point of view a company will always drive their customer to the most profitable product and that just happens to be satellite and not the web.