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Thread: Be Careful What You Post Here

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    Be Careful What You Post Here

    just read an interesting article in NY Post . .

    seems we may not be as anonymous as we think . .

    Manhattan State Court Justice Joan Madden has ordered Google to identify the anonymous blogger who called model Liskula Cohen a "skank" and a "ho"

    The judge has ordered Google to disclose the registration information for the blogger because she was writing defamatory material . .

    A lawyer for Google said the company would provide information about a user only in response to a subpoena or court order

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    Howard Stern was talking about this last week. There could be some interesting legal precedents set in this case. Very weird... for example... if a "guy" named "sirius roadkill" called Mel K a douche... wouldnt people just think... who the hell is "sirius roadkill." (no offense... just making an example).

    I dont think they will ever take issue with forums, its the blogs that will get hit. It is kind of shitty that people can profit on a website by calling famous people out but, I think anyone should be able to say whatever the hell they want about anyone... ESPECIALLY if the word in question is only "ho." Get a grip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by socalrunningfool View Post
    I just want to go on record as saying. SRK is "Not" a ho.
    a "skank" yes . . . but not a "ho"

    as for Mel . . . I may have actually said that once or twice during the Merrill Lynch Conference last year "am I going to loan the company my own money? lets hope it doesn't come to that" was the oft cited refrain as Goldman shorted our brains out . .

    . . . and socal was eggin me on the whole time too!

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