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Thread: Signal problems for indoor Sirius receiver

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    Signal problems for indoor Sirius receiver

    I have a Sirius SC-H1 receiver connected to my Sony receiver.

    Because of cable length and location, the best place I could put the little antenna that comes with this unit is on the floor just inside a patio door. There is a roof/overhang over the patio.

    Usually I get signal for 20 minutes or so, then it's lost and I have to move the antenna slightly. Very frustrating. We also have steel siding, so not sure if that's affecting reception.

    Is there any kind of high gain antenna I can use inside with this setup? I really would rather not have to drill through the exterior wall to thread an antenna cable through.

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    You could go with an antenna extension cable and that would give you more useability inside the home as far as moving it around goes. The antenna you have has a 21 foot cable on it. You could go with a 50 ft extension cable and be very versatile. It also has an in-line amplifier and will help you also get the signal better. Here is a link to the product:

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