My trusty http://www.audiovox.com/manuals/owners/128-6901.pdf seems to have died.

I looked at some online sites for replacement receivers and specials. I was wondering if someone could suggest a replacement where I donít need to purchase everything and that fits with my current installation in my car.

I have the SIRPNP2 custom installed in the car with a dock that is screwed to a metal bracket which goes behind the dash. I was hoping to find a receiver and possibly dock that I can screw on in place of the old one. As well as using all the cable connectors from the car kit: http://www.tss-radio.com/audiovox-pn...k1-p-4460.html

So, with other words I'm hoping to reuse all plugs that go into the dock of the receiver and find a dock that is compatible with my current bracket.

∑ Power

∑ Antenna

∑ FM adapter (mini pin to FM)

Since it is an older car I didnít want to get to crazy with the replacement.