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Thread: Sirius downlink satellite signal intermittent

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    Sirius downlink satellite signal intermittent

    Notice today (14 November 2007) that my S50 reciever is intermittently receiving all channels. This is regardless of it being installed in my home cradle or automobile cradle.

    I called Sirius Customer service. After a bunch of verification questions of who I was, I was told that "Sirius is currently undergoing configuration changes from 14-16 November. The symptom of signal fading in and out is going to be normal during this time frame."

    I am suprised that Sirius is not posting a Satellite Status anywhere on their online site.

    I joined "Sirius Buzz" hoping to hear from others...if they are experiencing the same issue I am. Why doesn't Sirius post satellite/system status's?

    I feel sorry for new subscribers and installers during this time period. They may think they are having problems Vs. it's not really their's Sirius.

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