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Thread: Obama gives 2 billion to brazil

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    Obama gives 2 billion to brazil

    Obama gives 2 billion to brazil. That is not the bad part, I can understand giving money to other countries we do it all the time but guess what for??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? Ho my god, for off shore drilling, WHAT. Yes thats right we cant do it here but it is good for Brazil. Where is the out rage on both sides of the isle on this one. The democrats should be pissed for promoting something they hate. The republicans should be pissed because if it is good for Brazil then why is it not good for our own country.

    Why has the MSM (other then FOX and the WSJ) not reporting on this.

    P.S. Guess who has a big portion of his money in the brazilian company, thats right Goerge Soros.
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