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Thread: Obama says illegals will be covered under his health care plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    No give me a link because I cant find it all I can find is the CBS poll that says the samething. So your thead title should have been "CBS viewers get it wrong". I think you got it wrong again and took a poll FOX was reporting on by CBS and mistaken that for a FOX poll.

    I dont need to see it again I know what it says that was not the reason for starting the thread though was it. LOOK AT BOTH YOURS AND MY THREAD TITLES AGAIN.

    By the way the only link you give was a CBS link that still has Obama saying he wants current illegals to get health care. First of, all illegal kids are illegal. Second, He says he wants the illegals to become legal. That if you dont recall is another option that the people of the US dont want unless the boarders are secure and they basically go to the back of the line and wait like all the other legal immagrants that have followed the laws of the US.

    I will get you the link. I saw it on First Read like i said.

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    Common sense opinion, "The public is left with one of two unsettling conclusions: Either the president doesnít understand the health-insurance reform plans working their way through Congress, or he understands both the plans and the implications and is being untruthful about the impact."

    Read the link, funny stuff. Also as I have been saying stuff you rarely hear unless you watch FOX or look or watch others very carefully for the short mention on the other networks.

    Once again how many people actually knew (that dont watch FOX) about Obama using the US Post Office as an example in health care.

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    How did you get the 18 million figure you were quoting?
    Are your really saying that 40% of the uninsured are illegal immigrants?

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