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Thread: Market Watch for week of 8/17/2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassmaster View Post
    i dont know where we are headed. but after thinking it over, the fed can just print money at will so i guess we may be ok for a while.
    "For a while" is the answer...the market dropped because of government health care. It is just up a bit now to see what is going on. If Obama gets his way it will plunge. He is is direct opposition to free trade. Not an argument on my part, it is just charted and polled that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassmaster View Post
    great vid Bill!!!!!! thats some sick magic tricks!!

    dave, i was watching the price when 1.83 hit and was wondering if your stop triggered. i didnt sell, i spent around 320 bucks so im gonna hang on to them. the value of the lesson just watching it trade is worth more than the cost of my trade. it also gets me more invovolved in a big board stock and ive never followed one so closely before.

    im really confused by the direction of the market. msm's are calling the recession over and i hear about certain indicators and indices that i deem important are having disappointing numbers. but i think the president has a itchy stimulus trigger finger so he may attempt to prop up the economy instantly if there is a downturn. i dont know where we are headed. but after thinking it over, the fed can just print money at will so i guess we may be ok for a while.
    Well, I hope this first one comes out a win at any case... technically, this is a counter trade, as the gross movement of the market is up, and I have had worse results counter trading... but man, it really looked like world wide dumping the other night.

    There is a mixed bag among the technical guys on the movement. I guess any time there is sideways consolidation, it pays to sit out on high volatile trades, and see which way things are headed, or jump in on first signs of pattern formation - ie. consolidations forming channels and large triangles... those you can usually play along with candles and a few oscillators with good results, and you treat the edge of the trendlines as stop losses... along with the hammer/hanging men.

    You can get some guage as to what the price of your contract will be by just looking at the prices at each strike (at least for a forecast of a few days)... the theta (time decay) I believe for that contract is only a few cents right now... the example is on my other computer, I'll try to load it up later.

    Overall though, now you can see how you can almost find a play every day if you scan enough charts - and when the market is chugging in one direction, you can load up a bunch of related stocks, and its index, like I post for the ships - and as long as they are moving in unison, you find the one with the flag or pennant, which will have the lower volatility, and bet on that one, provided the others are still chugging along.

    The other thing too is around earnings time to find a pattern. I noticed that many stocks were consolidated into triangular formations, and they would each start breaking about 6-10 days (including the weekend) prior to each announcement - that's why I was getting slow to post - I'd scan for SP500 companies (these usually have options) - then load all of their charts, and look for ones about to break... that's how I got into stocks I didn't even know what they did... but still made $$$... next earnings season, we will watch starting with alcoa, and if we can find a pattern...

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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    Here is my video. I made it about 4 or 5 years ago. I had never done this routine before and it was the first cut. I was drinking wine (you can see a glass on the left hand side of the screen) and my voice isn't that high, lol. I just made it up as I went along...kind of on the "Fly". I know the story is dumb, but I just made it up to get a point across to another magician that I was teaching technique to.

    Greg check it out...just another facet in my life.

    Turn on your speakers.
    The first thing that popped into my mind was what if we were all working as brokers in the scottrade office..... and a customer came in... asking questions about such and such, the greeter would send them to your desk.. and you'd be there explaining - now you see the money, now you don't, ahh here it is, with a return....", as you pull a hundred from behind their ear.

    Bass would be there with another customer and a deck of cards... "see - buy and hold is something you'd do only if you had the confidence of a 3 of a kind... these days however, its easy to get trumped by a full house, but pennies, that's like holding a pair of whatevers on the river (don't know what river means yet, lol).

    Alaska with another customer and a bunch of huge lures and a bucket of chum... "see - when fishing for the big gainers you want to place your bait on a variety of penny stock sectors."

    Then Sean yelling from another desk... "Crap my F5 key broke..."

    Stang with a racing suit on... "the fastest way to grow your portfolio is thru entering low on these beat down big 3 stocks, mixed with nascar related penny stocks..."

    ATM with an ATM..."Penny stocks are like cash machines... "

    Can't think of one for imromo in a sponge bob suit.
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    Bass - may get a break.. SP futures topping at 990, and china dumped hard tonight... all europe is red.

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    Kidz-Med Thermofocus To Hit Baby Specialty Stores Fall '09
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    Investor Relations
    Ronald Garner

    SOURCE Kidz-Med, Inc.

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    BJ's wholesale beats estimates raises outlook

    Not totally related to spng, but spng did just recieve orders from BJ's so its better than BJ's saying they are suffering....

    BJ's Wholesale beats estimates and raises outlook

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    wtf headlines

    Come on already,

    Monday: "Stocks set to decline on blah blah information..."
    Tuesday: "Stocks set to sore on futures...."
    Wednesday" "Stocks set to drop on blah blah.."

    In three days DOOM, HOPE, DOOM...

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    if AQUI takes off today or soon i'll be batting 100 since my first day :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    When I was in the corporate world I used to have to fly down to Dallas and then go to Richardson. That was my corporate headquarters. We would go out for lunch and eat Tex-Mex all the time (the CEO, CFO and VP and myself) and I would listen to their crap for an hour and a half and then get back on a plane and fly back to Colorado. What a waste of time and money. We could have accomplished all of our business on a conference call or a video conference. I was the Director of Sales for a wholesale computer corporation. Man am I glad that I am out of that.

    Numbers, numbers, numbers...that is all that they wanted and then wanted more, like I was supposed to go beat my sales manager and he was supposed to go beat up the troops....all of the time. I just don't dig being a "Suit". I love getting muddy and dirty and building things and making peoples' homes beautiful.

    I guess what I really love is seeing tangible results from my efforts. When I drive around town, I know every house as I pass it and know what I have done there and get a great degree of satisfaction from it.

    There is never a result in sales that means anything except a bigger paycheck and stress. I love to sell though, but I like what I do now better by far. Being a corporate executive is not my cup of tea. Everybody is different.
    I hear you Bill ... Personally, I despise sales, but more so on just certain principles and aspects. What left a bad taste was my earliest experiences working in gas stations and the like. We had an outfit out here called Quality Tune-Up that I worked for as a 'half-man' - Half managing the station and the other half being groomed to be a mechanic, which was more like an empty promise - It meant you got to do oil changes and pull spark plugs ... But these guy's had a quota system where they pushed what was then the HEI packages (The all in one cap\rotor\module) that rarely if ever failed ... It was at the top of the pyramid in their little scheme and what they hammered the mechanics to push, followed by spark plug wires, then tune-up's and lastly oil changes. The crap they use to pull ... lighters to scorch wires and to burn the inside of caps, taking advantage of the classic 'little ol ladies' and unknoweldegable women. I played counter agent somewhat to them and would pull people aside when I had opportunity and tell them "Don't buy it, you don't need it" ... They later on got busted by the Gov. after many complaints and had been sending in undercover agents with cars they knew were in perfect working order ... Made the front page out here, long after I was gone. By then I had moved on to 76 and they sent me through their 'sales school' where, not as blatant but still the manipulating, conniving BS, cleverly teaching you how to be devious to sell tires and accessories and ... I couldn't do it, refused to do it ... You can't just lump everything altogether I realize, having something that you are passionate about, that you know people would love or need would be something else entirely.

    I am somewhere in-between right now, what is it a 'gray collar'? Still get my hands dirty somewhat - Even if it's playing project manager overall say on setting up a new office, all the incidentals I take care of, for one thing it saves the company a lot of money, but I also know how a lot of stuff just doesn't get done right unless you do it yourself. It's a quirky set of roles, hats I am wearing at the moment ... kind of a handyman in the corporate structure - facilities and S\R, manager\coordinator - A year ago it was three separate people handling each responsibility - Now it's just me, love the challenge of it all, but I am pretty much out of bandwidth. I really cannot complain, happy to have work period - The downside of all the layoff's and struggles of this recession is that when they cut, the ones left behind are burdened to sometimes ridiculous levels - More than a few where I work, I marvel at those that have held up under the stress of it all ... It's been a wild ride.

    For all that I do miss those tangible results though as you stated Bill - I get a little of it laying out an office in CAD and putting it all together .. kind of a mini-kingdom that you can take a sense of pride in ... But, thinking back to remodeling now ... My whole perspective has changed, I could throw myself right back into it at the drop of a hat - Like that idea of working 4 hours on remodeling and the rest as a penny day trader
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    Hey Everyone,

    I am back. My wife and I had a short run gig in an area with no internet and spotty cell phone coverage. It was like being in the stone age. I had to go on a hill and stand on one foot and chant to get my cell phone to work.

    So I see not much has changed in the few days we were out of touch.

    BCLE continues to sleep... hibernate. I will keep holding because I think they will awaken in the next month or so.

    QASP: I am surprised on this one. I really thought this would be climbing . . . but I am not so worried about it.

    EVSL and MGLG: Come on . . . do something guys . . . how about some PR or something. My goodness... do they understand how this whole keeping the stock holders informed works????

    OCNF: I bought more of it (long term hold for me) Sure I know that their financials are not as good as some of the others like FREE or DRYS but...... I like their dividends and they have more room for growth.

    I also bought a chunk of ACAS as a long as well...

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