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I just put 50 and 200 there, as for these slower big exchange stocks that's the default. I don't know how Tyler trades... if he's been in SIRI for a long time, he has patience, and likely is more speculative. 20 day moving averages are used a lot, or folks also use others like 30. Depends on how you are going to trade it. If I have time, I could backtest a series, but the way this guy kind of runs in a more narrow range, it may not show a clear trading system. Any questions always ok, and remember, I'm not a pro. The only thing I can say with any certainty is, is where the different forms of support and resistance are, as those have a definition, so to speak, so they are what they are. Then you run into the multitude of ways to trade things.
I do the same thing a lot. I am trying to prove one point and then let the other stuff rip. Now I understand why. Thanks, you are a trooper!