It seems like can't get a 'good' signal with my included Pioneer XMp3 antenna in a southern window. I bought a Delphi repeater thinking another window 20 foot away would allow me a better signal. Both work ok (but weak) for about a day but I noticed it would 'drop' out every now and then at times I'd see 'Loading...' showing in my screen. I used to have a Direct TV antenna that worked several years that uses a similar southern view until I finally went back to cable to get Internet connection.

My question is, is there an outside mountable antenna that would work with my XMp3 to give me full bars? Maybe even connect an outside antenna to the Delphi repeater so I could move my XMp3 and/or boom box (XM) to different locations inside my den? Sometimes I use the XMp3 in the cradle with ear phones while working and sometimes I use the boom box.

If so, can someone suggest and antenna and 50 foot coax connection that would work for this setup?

Any suggestions would help this XM Newbie take full advantage his new XM Radio. I'll have to get my Grandson's to hook this all up for me as I'm not physically able at my age.