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    Congressman Green’s Hypocrisy [Hans Von Spakovsky]

    The unabashed hypocrisy of liberals just never ends. As NewsBusters reports, Democratic congressman Gene Green of Texas is apparently perturbed about the hard time he has been getting at home over his support for a government takeover of health care. So he has issued an announcement on his website stating that “due to a coordinated effort to disrupt our town hall meetings, we will be restricting further attendance to residents of the 29th Congressional District and verifying residency by requiring photo identification.”

    Of course, this is the same Congressman Green who is against requiring photo ID for voting. He voted against the Federal Election Integrity Act in 2006, which would have required anyone voting in a federal election to produce a government-issued photo ID. Green wants to verify the identity of every individual who comes to one of his town-hall meetings — but he does not want election officials to verify the identity of everyone who votes in the elections that put him into office. Interesting contrast, isn’t it?

    For those who liked that, your going to love this, just start it from the beginning:

    lloyd needs a lesson in hypocrisy.

    After seeing one of lloyds threads "Teabagger Yells 'Heil Hitler" at Jewish Healthcare Defender". I think he needed another reminder of exactly what his own party head has said.

    John Dingell (D-Detroit) Compares Townhall Protesters To The KKK!

    It just makes me wonder if any of these things have ever been reported on by anyone of the other news outlets except FOX. Makes you wonder why the other viewers of those outlets are not informed. The bias is so evidend it is almost funny if it were not so true. I ask anyone that watches every other station except FOX when was it you first heard about Obama and his racist mentor (**Mentor** was Obamas word he used to discribe Rev. Right). How many ever heard Obama say out of his own mouth "White mans greed runs a world in need". Sounds like a racist to me. FOX reported about this in March of 2007, thats right 2007 not 2008 when all the other news outlets reported about it after it got so big they had no choice but report on it.
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    I think the above post says all that needs to be said about hypocrisy.

    Hey lloyd I can keep going back to pull up these gems all day.

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