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Thread: Sirius XM Receiver for Cars

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    Question Sirius XM Receiver for Cars

    I just bought a Prius that has a XM SAT antenna build in that can (supposedly) either do Sirius or XM according to Toyota. The head unit is SAT ready. Does anyone know if there is a Sirius XM "all in one" receiver that I can plug into my Prius and get both. I want to go the receiver only so I can control the Sirius/ XM signal from my steering wheel so I don't want to go the M!RGE plug and play route. Just the receiver and use the car's existing equipment. Any help?

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    I just had an XM receiver installed in my new RAV4. According to the dealer, there is a different receiver for XM and Sirius, even though Sirius and XM are now one. The installation of the receiver is a very complex matter involving three hours of shop labor. The receiver itself goes under the RAV4 passenger seat and the wires are routed underneath the door panel. Make sure to negotiate the cost of the receiver and installation! BTW, it's not possible to have the iPod adapter and satellite radio installed at the same time. Good luck!

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    What year is the prius you just bought?

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    It's a 2010 Prius Gen III version 2

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