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Thread: Alert! Dennis Kneale Sighting in New Jersey

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    Alert! Dennis Kneale Sighting in New Jersey

    If you are a Sirius XM investor . . Dennis Kneale is stealing money out of your brokerage account . . . he also calls us cowards & dickweeds in this video:

    why don't you invite Sirius Buzz Dennis; Tyler will gladly come on your shitty show jackass!

    Last time I checked Dennis, Charlie Gasparino wasn't an anonymous blogger and he has told you repeatedly to do some real research . . in fact, your own colleague has been as dismissive of your reporting as Bill Griffith was to 18mm subscribers when he said "XM Sirius. Sirius XM, whatever it's called." (nice reporting Griffith; get a clue)

    If you are near the high school in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (not "Eagleswood" Dennis you jackass; another thing you got wrong) . . take a run over there and give him a piece of your mind . . he's there today, Weds 8/12 for a town-hall meeting on health care . . as if he has a clue . .

    Tell him to knock-off the drive-by reporting

    Tell him to pick up the phone and do some reasearch on a company before going with an inaccurate on-air report

    Tell the jackass that Mel Karmazin doesn't need his sympathy; what Mel Karmazin needs is for so-called reporters to do some real independent research . . .

    Ask him if he actually listened to the CC or read the transcript or knows Mels assessment of Stern's franchise value

    and THANKS to those that are already over there hassling him

    this jackass needs to be taken to task

    bullshit reporting will not stand!

    he's the weasley-looking guy with glasses

    here's what the pompous weasle looks like:
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