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Th wall st journal article is bogus. If they listend to the show they would know that he has been going back and forth about staying for months now and if you tallied all of them up I am sure I have heard him say that he is staying far more then he is leaving. Yet, the journal makes it sound like he has spoken about it once and that he is leaning towards leaving. This is total nonsense and almost looks like a tip off from someone rather then any kind of investigative reporting from someone who actually listens to the show.
Thanks for the post Julie. There have been quite a few articles pop up on the subject. I follow this closely. Assume Howard brings in only 2 MM subs. At $10 each, that's $20 MM a month, correct. For $12 months, that's $240 MM correct? And SIRI sinks in $100 total (at least according to BM's article). I'm no mathematician, but that's $120 MM to the good.

I do believe that stockholders such as myself will be slightly bitter if they sign Howard for more than he currently makes. Having bought and held much of my holdings at < $2 per share, the stock has been disappointing. The continued payout of mega contracts will not set well, but then again, simple math doesn't lie.

I don't know what will happen, but I hope the outcome is win win for every stakeholder of SIRI.