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Thread: Invitation to WSJ's Sarah McBride

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    Invitation to WSJ's Sarah McBride

    Wall Street Journal
    Attn: Sarah McBride

    Dear Sarah:

    Before you rush to throw something out on the wire tomorrow morning without first properly digesting the earnings release and corresponding metrics, I would like to cordially invite you to attend a special 8:00 AM edition of Tyler Savery's Sirius Buzz radio.

    I believe it will help you to put the earnings report in proper context so as to avoid the embarrassment of erroneous reporting like yesterday's Reuters article that has John Malone holding a controlling interest in the company or a $0.13 quarterly loss estimate . .

    Yours Truly,

    Sirius Roadkill

    P.S. I know you have little or no control over the headline but everyone else will be using "SUB LOSSES CONTINUE" or "SUB LOSSES MOUNT" or "WORRIESOME SUB LOSESS" so maybe a little creativity here would set your article apart . . maybe something more relevant like "CONTINUED EBITDA IMPROVEMENT" or "EBITDA IMPROVES" (only 15 characters including space) or "IMPROVING EBITDA" (16 characters including space which is the same # of characters as sub losses mount)

    cc Mr. Tyler M. Savery
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