From a recently released PIPA study (dont worry John i am going to provide lots more info on the Fox audience. This is just a small beginning)

"As you'll note Fox audiences scored lowest. That's fodder for arguing the only place the "fair and balanced"
motto really belongs is on the cover of a satirical magazine"

"The more closely you followed Fox, the more misperceptions
you had" said Clay Ramsey the PIPA research director. "NO OTHER NEWS OUTLET CAME ANYWHERE NEAR THAT" (That capitalization is my emphasis. Got to try to get through to the putz brain.)

This is from a study of peoples misperceptions about the Iraq war which found blame among the media (CBS) in general
for the belief that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.

More to come. Dont you worry your pretty little Putz dense brain.