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Thread: Looking for assistance

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    Looking for assistance

    I have recently updated my browser to Google Chrome. Since that time I have been unable to access any of the on-line music, etc. that I normally listen to while at my computer. The regular log-in and selection process is normal, I just can't get any sound....... and yes my speakers and sound are on.

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    The Sirius website says...

    "2. What are the hardware and software requirements for the media player? To listen to our music channels online, we recommend a high bandwidth internet connection (T1, DSL or ISDN line, or a cable modem), Windows Media Player version 6.0 or higher, and either Netscape 7.x or Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Unfortunately, we are unable to fully support other browsers at this time."
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    Does anybody really use IE or Netscape any more? I mean....really?

    Sirius sounds great on my Mac using Camino browser and the plugin for Win Media player.

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