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Thread: SIRI Intraday Friday 7-17-09

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    SIRI Intraday Friday 7-17-09

    Might as well do something productive on night shift Sorry, if the following 3 posts aren't *necessarily* on topic.. but it is all about getting/retaining subscribers, which in turn means an increase in SP, so that's how I'm justifying it.

    Great show last night. I like the idea of ad supported channels on the internet feed. I have a couple questions. How big of a deal is it for SiriusXM to set up a new streaming channel? If not a big deal, why wouldn't they jump in and hire every single WBCN DJ and set up a new channel for them?

    I sent an e-mail to Investor Relations recently explaining that I thought they needed to get all their mobile apps out pronto and once they do, they should market heavily here in Hawaii. One way they could start out by Hiring the DJ's that got canned when the oldies channel went to a corporate feed out of Milwaukee. That would really appeal to the people out here in Hawaii. Also have a couple Hawaiian music channels. Right now they seem to be hampered by sports contracts, but they could guarantee subs by sponsoring and broadcasting University of Hawaii football (and the other sports, but football is #1 here). Of course, there is only around 1 million folks here on island, so not sure if it would make fiscal sense.

    It would seem that SiriusXM has so many great options open to them.
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    Group wanting Hawaiian channels on facebook

    Was checking out some links tonight when I ran across a Sirius XM page on facebook, which got me curious to see what Sirius XM related pages/groups existed on facebook.

    As I mentioned above, I had sent an e-mail to Sirius IR saying that among other things, they needed a couple Hawaiian music channels on the streaming feed. It is extremely popular here in Hawaii. On facebook there is actually a group: We Want Hawaiian Music on XM/Sirius Radio that is active and has 865 members. While that may not sound like all that much, that group is only beaten out by 8 other groups out of the 234 Sirius XM related groups on Facebook.

    Hawaii is all about tourism and every hotel has Hawaiian music playing, so this again would be a great way to get Sirius XM in hotels.

    Interesting... What kind of information does Sirius XM garner and act upon through the social sites like facebook?
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    Facebook members interested in Sirius XM groups/pages

    Ok, so out of the 234 groups and 12 pages, I collected the groups that had over 100 members... There is lots of talk about Sirius XM becoming more involved with the social side of things. It appears if they are beginning to do that, and there certainly are making of a grassroots community starting up. Any thoughts on what Sirius XM should do to promote this further, or are they putting in just about the right amount of effort to entice subscribers to join and stay as subscribers? I think the numbers are interesting an show that the sports and talk radio portion of Sirius XM is popular.

    Sirius XM related groups
    82 Satellite Radio in Puerto Rico
    101 The First Word
    105 Sirius
    107 Baseball This Morning on MLB Home Plate
    113 SIRIUS XM
    113 Official Fans of Ass Napkin Ed
    115 The Focus Group with Tim Bennett and John Nash
    116 My “Pendulum” mix on THE OPIE & ANTHONY SHOW (92.3 K-Rock / XM Radio
    123 Doctor Radio- Sirius XM Radio
    136 DJ ACE
    154 Sirius (and/or) XM Interns
    155 KiDS Place LiVE
    165 Rabid Chris "Mad Dog" Russo fans!
    167 Game On with Josh and Jordan - SIRIUS 108 / XM 139
    179 Bring back Sirius The Beat 36!
    180 SIRIUS XM
    195 The Great American Broadcast Group
    243 FIRST WAVE (Sirius Radio 22)
    266 Sirius XM Radio
    268 Howard Stern's Sybian Fan Club
    278 Martha Stewart Living Radio
    303 Sirius/XM Out Q Group
    449 XM Radio - Bring Back Our Channels
    456 Power Alley on MLB Home Plate (Sirius XM Radio)
    488 Bring Backspin Back On Sirius XM (last post in April)
    505 STAND UP! with Pete Dominick
    515 ELVIS RADIO SIRIUS 13 - XM 18
    522 Porterhouse Show on Area Sirius XM Fan Club
    546 The Catholics Next Door
    552 Ron and Fez Fanbase
    566 Make It Plain
    642 Fans of Tracey Millman
    777 Jean Chatzky - The Official Facebook Group
    865 We Want Hawaiian Music on XM/Sirius Radio
    1116 Fans of Sirius XM Live on Broadway
    1416 The Fat Boy Radio Group
    1518 The Frank DeCaro Show
    1611 Michelangelo Signorile Show
    1790 Special Delivery With Sam and Dave on XM 202 Special Friends Club
    2040 My Old Kentucky Blog
    2557 Cosmo Radio Rocks!
    2972 The Jason Ellis Show

    Sirus XM Pages
    126 BLOODY ROOTS Weekly Metal History Show :: Sirius XM Liquid Metal
    135 Sirius XM Raw Dog Uncensored Comedy 135
    189 Sirius XM Radio Internship 189
    191 P.O.T.U.S. (Sirius/XM) 191
    309 Porterhouse Show on Area Sirius XM Satellite Radio 309
    1099 SIRIUS XM The Highway 1099
    1508 Sirius XM Radio 1508
    4083 SIRIUS XM The Message 4083

    Didn't quite get 1000000 facebookers
    51 1000000 Facebookers Against the New XM/Sirius Lineup (last post 2/21)
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    Good Morning otone and All,

    Wow, great research otone! Unbelievable, how many groups
    there are associated with Sirius. Kinda comforting to know
    I'm not the only one without a life.

    It's Friday! Another week of watching our stock, has gone by.
    Let me think, end the week saying something positive. I know!
    The satellite seems to be working fine.

    Hope you all have a great weekend,


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    Great work Otone. Cant thank you enough for your effort collecting that information. Good to know.

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    Why did we get another letter from Nasdaq yesterday? I thought we already got that and made the announcement about the director requirements. Maybe the last one was just a "watch out" we're going to get a letter from Nasdaq.

    I think it scared some people and it shouldn't have.

    Quote Originally Posted by julietoo
    this stock has not been what you call very exciting. I am
    running out of positive things to say about it, lol
    I have 1570 positive comments and 1 negative one due to the rush of positive news and solid upward movement in price followed by this lull and hitting .30's again. It really drained me there for a bit.

    Thanks to Otone and Tyler's forward thinking Im getting a grip again...

    Time to get back on the horse and ride into the sunset known as Q3 and Q4.

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    I think i need to put a note on the bathroom mirror and recite everyday...

    "I am not selling until we pay off (some) debt with our own cash on hand and finally show a profit"

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    what ticks me off is that the sxm iphone app is not listed under news apps, entertainment, comedy apps etc, only music?? Im sure we'd be the leader in all those categories.

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    Oh Great post Otone,now i'm going to have to get a facebook account,which i have been avoiding,thanks alot!!!! JK great research,didn't know that many SXM sites were there...

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    Johnny, I hear ya. Was talking to a colleague tonight and he was saying a lot of people from our company is on and he's found a bunch of old friends. So thought I'd sign up and see if I could find some old buds. Once I found that Hawaii site, I did some searching since I had the account.

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