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Thread: New Internet Sirius XM Player

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    Angry My letter to sirius... concerning the awful internet player, & Cust. Service

    November 15, 2009

    The Sirius Widget has been a GR8 working player for quite awhile, I hope it gets Fixed, and Quick! But lets face facts, the real problem here is sirius' inability to supply their customers with a proper Streaming content Player! and wtf NO Howard on the iphone app? its BOGUS! It's time for us loyal customers to start to complain... siriusly -) and if they dont fix it... winamp has a nice built in shoutcast player... Search: "Howard" in the morning and see what you get =)

    This is the email i sent to customer I syggest we all become pro-active! I'm tired of sirius crappy media player with its crappy alarm! Heres the email I sent (what do you think?) :

    [copied from complaint form]

    Why?.. Still; after however many years have you guys at sirius not figured out that NOBODY wants the streaming media player to Check and see if we're still listening!!!! what the heck guys? up until very very recently there has always been some sort of third party solution, but due to your recent site renovations (i suspect) There is not a single working player to stream Sirius except your half-assed solution! You should be catering to the customers you have Now more then ever! Especially considering 90% will have no reason to stick around if Howard doesn't re-sign in a year! Sirius Should be going out of their way to make the satellite radio experience second to none!
    Also, This whole business with XM and Sirius still being SEPARATE ??!! what is that? its been a year?! Sirius streams should run on XM players and vice verse, I should be able to call a single 1-800# to switch my account to XM from sirius if I want too (actually that shouldn't even be an option... One Company, One phone number, one name, one website, HELLO? its almost like you guys are trying to run that company into the ground!
    Your Loyal customers have been and continue to be your best form of marketing (I myself have referred at least 10 friends and family members to sign-up!) Keep screwing us customers, and punishing us with annoying useless alarms, and blocking the third party streaming applications (that seem to know how to work your service WAY Better then you!) keep screwing us over and watch what happens in 2010... no more customers.

    Please show us all a sign of solidarity starting by removing the "are you still listening" alarm! Please! this would be a hell of a good start towards showing us you care =) Less

    Join me in finally reprimanding sirius for their shotty customer service. Write a complaint titled attn: Mel Karmazin =)

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    Good morning bumping thread

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