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Thread: SIRI Intraday Wednesday 7-15-09

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    imromo24, I just love it. I dont think most to including myself thought the shit would hit the fan for terrestrial as fast as it has. Now while I have said before that I think terresrtrial will almost always be around just in a form of something like AM is today, I never thought it would start happening at the pace it seems to be. With each day the chances of someone like Stern ever going back to terrestrail slips that much more away. This is the reason I got invested in SIRI and XMSR in the first place.
    yes, me too. much faster and bigger names crumbling, new york, boston,

    these happenings should really tell you how hard mel has been working

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    I dont care what the sp does today! I got my scottrade elete access. Amazingly all I had to do is ask. Now I'll get tier 2 and try to get from 43k to 100k of shares in the next year. Do you think I can do it? I'm so excited you guys/gals.

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    we are either doomed or in for a nice ride up soon if my brother sells his shares...just giving everyone a warning to be ready by the trigger over the next couple days if we break .41 if you don't need to get out fast than this is a sign to hold until next major financial announcements or product announcements that drive the stock price.

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    Wednesday: FM-5 Status. Confirmed Reflector Deployment

    One thing Charles and Tyler have taught me is to not jump to conclusions with information.

    For example, the site showed that FM-5 was "active" on Sunday, yet an e-mail to Space Systems Loral confirmed that the reflector had not been deployed. An e-mail to the administrator at the satbeams site confirmed the "active" status meant nothing. He just assumed that it was deployed since it appeared to not be moving (it was just very slowly). The "active" status was simply a manual change by him.

    After reading for the past couple days about supposed new areas of increased reception, I again e-mailed Space Systems Loral today and got the following response.

    Wendy Lewis <> to

    Hi Michael,
    The large unfurlable reflector opened early this morning and everything went well. The new satellite would not yet have effected this person's reception.

    Wendy Lewis
    Director of Communications
    Space Systems/Loral

    Phone: 650-852-5188
    Fax: 650-852-7392
    Cell: 650-704-7502

    3825 Fabian Way, M/S G.60
    Palo Alto, CA 94303

    So, COOL, new satellite is on track and they should begin testing soon.

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    Johnny, I agree with your thinking of what the shorts will do to the sp after a r/s.........BUT,,,,,what does NOT make sense is the market some point (possibly SOON) SIRI will have a market cap of anywhere between $4bil to $12bil (who the hell knows, but it will go up once it shows SIRI will make money, like I said, SOON)......given that, do some math on a r/s ratio vs. market cap. It can't go LOWER than it is now after showing fcf???????????????


    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyIrishXM View Post
    Think it is safe to say that SXM will never get delisted,with the R/S in their pocket to use..but it is not good for everyone involved financially with this company if that notice comes due to fix it or face delisting..
    Sp will get beaten down and then a forced R/S to counter it will kill the regular retail investor from ever seeing real profits like at current prices,also it will not affect shorts as the ratio will be the same,unless they get rid of lent shares bond due in 2014...IMHO..

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    if we have a market cap of $4BB with the current share structure the pps would be around $1.

    if we have a market cap of $12BB with the current share structure the price would be around $3.

    either scenario would eliminate delisting notices. my question is , how do you come up with that range in the market cap? is it just a guess or are you using some valuation formula?

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    55,000 iphone apps. Makes us look pretty good to me.

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