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Thread: SIRI Intraday Wednesday 7-15-09

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    It makes it easy to track naked shorting. Basically they would not be able to get away with what they have been doing. All that being said there is noway the investors shorting the stock think for one second that SIRIXM would not do everything possible to stay on the NASDAQ. Therefore it will not change the way they short for one second form now til then. The only thing that will change that is the refinancing of debt they hold. Not that that will do anything more then just change the players, the game will remain the same. The only way to get the amount of stock held short is to acually pay off the debt. The fact is, no matter how well they do the investors in the bonds will always hedge their investment in those bonds.
    Hedging doesnt worry me. Its the constant shorting and reshorting that worries me. Hedging is not the bigger issue with this price. A "hedger" could have banked a 1.50 to .07 cent run. If he used the monetary value of a short position equal to a stock tanking to the potential loss on his bond money, than he made a killing on a "hedge". 1.50 to .10 cents is not a normal scenario hedgers expect. He might have already made a profit on his hedge more than the value of this bond holdings. Once the "hedge" money is banked, there would be no reason to keep shorting the stock as a hedge. Im sorry, but most of the bonds were sold at a much higher sp. This short attack is no hedging problem. The lent shares used to "hedge", ya right, are being shorted and reshorted. As they legally are entitled to do. They can also go long.
    My point is JOhn, they will continue with business as usual, IF they want a R/S. I dont think they do, hence they might help us get to $1 for a bit, then punish us again. AT that time management might say, you know what, befvore we drop off $1 too much, lets R/S right here, on strength.
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