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Thread: How do I get 2 Radios, on one Atnenna

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    How do I get 2 Radios, on one Atnenna

    OK, here is a project I'm working on, and wanted to get some of your feedback, I have AN XMP3, and a Sirius Sportster 5, both use different antenna's, but I just found out, that both can use the outside magnetic Sirius car antenna I put up on my roof last weekend, along with a 50 foot extension cable (for some reason it will work for both XM and SIrius) and, I wanted to get rid of the home XM antenna

    Now, how do I get that one antenna to hook up to both radios? is there a splitter I can buy? and do they even make a BNC-connector splitter (like the one on the end of the 50 foot extension cable) that connects to both radios? I know that they have the RG6-cable-connectors and splitters, but, that seem like it wouldn't work for my situation? what I'm trying to avoid is another 50 foot cable run , and another antenna for XM on the roof, so, if any of you TSS-radio folks can point my in the right direction, I'd be Grateful
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